Unlikely Causes of Car Accidents Every Driver Needs To Know

It would seem like there are endless car accidents that occur every day and you

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It would seem like there are endless car accidents that occur every day and you would not be surprised to find one when traveling on your way to school or work.

 While car accidents are a common occurrence, one cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of instances where car accidents can be catastrophic and cause the untimely and tragic injury or even death of loved ones.

Any Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer would always caution motorists to always take heed the moment they place their hands on the wheel and the burden of responsibility that they place on their shoulders.

Unlikely, yet common causes of car accidents 

There are a lot of variables that cause road accidents, ranging from the blatant disregard of traffic rules to trivial actions that resulted in disastrous consequences.

Here are some of the most common yet unlikely causes of car accidents that any Virginia Beach personal injury attorney would likely agree with based on statistics and records.

Distracted driving

It can be as quick as a simple glance at an incoming message on your smartphone or answering a phone call on the road that can cause any driver to get distracted from driving and lose control. The proliferation of electronic gadgets, smartphones, and advancing technologies has made devices more responsive, convenient, and portable. However, it has also made it more pervasive, distracting, and risky.

Medical conditions

While people diagnosed with medical conditions are often restricted or are advised against taking the wheel, there has been an increasing incidence of car accidents resulting from drivers who lost control of their vehicles due to attacks or effects of their medical conditions.

Human error

Another major cause of car accidents in the US, according to a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer, is as simple as a human error which is often due to an error in judgment or mistake. There are careless and reckless motorists on the road that can cause harm to themselves.

Mechanical failure

There are several reasons that can cause mechanical failure, which is often the result of the lack of missed maintenance checks. At times, this can be beyond the control of a driver when the problem is caused by another motorist on the road.

Manufacturing defects

 While this has not been a common occurrence, there have been reported incidents of accidents due to cars that have been poorly designed or built. This has been the case for several vehicle recalls for reasons such as defective airbags, sudden unintended accelerations, fuel pump issues, etc.

Faulty traffic lights

There are numerous instances where faulty traffic lights have caused road accidents in recent years. Traffic lights are vital to controlling the flow of traffic and a slight disruption or error could cause confusion among drivers and end up impacting the flow of traffic.

Road crossing animals

This usually occurs on freeways and roads that traverse along with wooded or forest areas. Animals such as deer, raccoons, and other wildlife cross the road without minding oncoming traffic or high-speed vehicles.


Heavy rains, dense fog, slippery roads, and high winds have been known to affect vehicle performance and could cause drivers to lose control.

It is always important for motorists to take caution and stay alert when on the road. While the causes of accidents mentioned above may seem unlikely, it does not discount the fact that these are factors that every motorist needs to be aware of so they can be aware of what could happen on the road.