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Work plays a huge factor in our mental health, but only recently it has started to become recognised as being as important as our physical health. There are many things which an employer can do to ensure that their employees are happy and healthy whilst at work and try to get rid of the stigma which still surrounds mental health.

Flexible Working

Workplaces which offer flexible working provide their employees with a better work-life balance, giving employees some freedom to carry out tasks during the week which they may miss out on if they work a general 9-5 job.

Whether it be to attend appointments, run errands or just to finish earlier, flexible working gives employees greater control of their working week. Many employers support the notion of flexible working and address the effects that a stressful working week may have on their employees.

Supplying Snacks

Providing employees with snacks, such as fruit, is likely to boost the wellbeing and morale of the workplace. Companies who provide food and snacks for their employees often find that they get a return on their investment – healthier and happier staff are much more efficient and productive.

As well as providing snacks for the workplace, many employers also get nutritionists in to chat with staff about their overall diet and eating habits. They may also recommend types of vitamins and supplements to boost their diet, such as high strength fish oil and probiotic capsules. It has been proven that a healthy diet can further support positive mental health.

Check In Regularly

It is important to regularly check in with employees as part of your workplace wellness programme. Many companies have monthly or even annual meetings, so that any issues or problems can be discussed at length.

Those employers who do regular check-ins with their employees find that it proves beneficial for both employees and the workplace. Carrying out regular check-ins with employees enables employers to find out about areas of their business or working environment which may not be working as well as they had hoped. If enough employees state that something isn’t working out for them, then this highlights that there is something which needs to be changed within the overall office.

Out Of Office Bonding

A lot of employee anxiety comes from out of office bonding and the worry that they may not get on well with the other members of staff. Social events, such as company days out or work drinks, give employees to chance to bond with one another outside of the formal working environment.

Regular team lunches are a great way of getting out of the office, especially for smaller teams, as it enables a natural conversation to take place. Work shouldn’t just be about a task list, but building relationships with the people who you spend most of your week with is priceless, and a little goes a long way. 

Post Author: Leeann Mauzy