The Importance of Floor Plans

Buyers really enjoy floor plans and they help the listings to stand out. They also

House blueprint layout planBuyers really enjoy floor plans and they help the listings to stand out. They also increase more enquiries, which converts into more viewings. Floor plans can also assist with selling properties a lot faster. But many estate agents seem to think they are not necessary. Why?

In a survey conducted recently among property sellers, 80% of these sellers stated that floor plans were either useful or essential when selling. An astounding 88% agreed in association with buying properties.

It is true that floor plans are not technically a necessity when it comes to selling properties, yet at the same time neither are property descriptions or photos. Yet how many listings have you seen without these elements? Floor plans are definitely attention-grabbing, helping to simplify the decision-making of the buyers. There are as equally important as good quality photos and great descriptions. Here are 3 good reasons why:

1. Floor plans assist the buyers with visualising the property better than just photos alone

Research that was provided by Rightmove has suggested that more than one-third of buyers will be less prone to enquiring about properties if there isn’t a floor plan available. In fact, 1 in 5 would ignore these listings completely. But, it’s not just buyers. Businesses looking to lease office space Weybridge need to see floorplans to ensure all their needs will be met; is there enough office space? An appropriate room for servers? And for breakout areas and a cafeteria?

Floor plans are able to show the buyers different details that may be harder to display with just descriptions and photos. This includes measurements, windows, and storage space. Floor plans are also a lot better when it comes to displaying selling features that are unique such as extensions and knock-throughs.

Property photos of the best quality are essential when it comes to showcasing properties. While wide-angle shots also score high with the buyers. However, some people often feel that photos can be misleading in regards to portraying the space accurately.

There are often viewings that take place where potential buyers are left disappointed because the home does not look like it does in the photos. A floor plan can assist with avoiding these issues giving the potential tenants or buyers a better visual when it comes to the property as a whole before deciding to set up a viewing.

House-hunters are also able to use floor plans with photos to better understand the space and layout of a home. They will be able to see the way rooms are connected to one another, along with how space accurately flows. This eliminates any nasty surprises on the day of the viewing.

To achieve successful viewings and photos of the property, the estate agents have to do the best that they can with people that are currently occupying the property. Untidy and cluttered rooms often appear smaller than their real size. A floor plan relays the potential and accurate size of each room in the home.

The survey from Rightmove also suggests that buyers prefer the floor plans that show the layout of a room, along with how these rooms match up to the remainder of the home or property. Yet the most important elements for buyers when it comes to floorplans would be the dimensions of the rooms.

The floor plans that show the measurements of the room, the placement of doors and windows, provide a way for buyers to visualise how their furniture would fit into these spaces, and the way they could make use of these spaces. They may even begin to have thoughts about how to make changes to the home or decorating ideas so that the home matches up to their tastes.

Once a buyer has started to plan the move mentally, emotional attachments to this home, along with making the decision to make an offer are not far off.

2. Floor plans help to keep the property in mind

Assisting buyers to visualise the potential of a property during and before the viewing is important, but what happens once they leave? You may think that they were really interested when you showed them the house, but when you make that follow up call, you might hear “which home was that again?”, and this is not a great sign.

Keep in mind that potential buyers usually view a number of homes at once, which means the features in every home can become mixed-up. When there is a floorplan included in the listing, it helps the property to stay in the mind of the potential buyer.

Put simply, visual layouts make a property that is for sale easier for house-hunters to keep in mind.

3. Quality floor plans help you look more professional

If your competition uses floorplans, you should also be using them. Yet if they are not using them, floorplans can give you that competitive advantage.

A well-designed and clear floorplan will help your listings to stand out from the crowd. It will also look like a professional listing coming from a professional business. It enhances your brand, and it also shows the property sellers that you are an agent that is invested when it comes to the latest property trends.