Dairy players irked by Centre’s decision to import skimmed milk powder under TRQ

The Centre’s final decision letting milk powder imports below Tariff Level Quota (TRQ) has incensed dairy farmers, who are now battling with lessen realisations amid surplus source and demand from customers destruction thanks to Covid-19.

In a notification on Tuesday, June 23, the Union Ministry of Finance exempted imports of milk and product in powder, granules or in other reliable sorts into India below the TRQ quantity. The notification makes it possible for ten,000 tonnes of imports for the fiscal with fifteen for every cent tariff on imported quantity.

Previously, in a notification dated June thirty, 2017, the Tariff Level Quota (TRQ) of ten,000 mt was preset at fifteen for every cent tariff rate. But in February this year , this provision was deleted from the notification. But now with the most recent notification on Tuesday, the position quo ante has been restored.

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