Coronavirus impact: As data usage jumps, telcos ask govt for more spectrum

Telecom operators have demanded further spectrum urgently on a short term basis in get to cope with the unparalleled spurt in knowledge usage as a final result of “work from home” and “self-quarantine” at households throughout the nation due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

In a letter to the division of telecommunications (DoT), the Mobile Operators Affiliation of India (COAI) has demanded further spectrum each for “access and backhaul microwave” for a quick term and temporarily as they will need to increase their capacity to fulfill the escalating demand from customers. COAI director basic Rajan Matthew on the other hand says they are however waiting around for a response from the government.

The telecom association has also requested DoT for expedited authorization for tower enhancement from states (as thy ramp up capacity), extension in least roll out timelines by 6 months and authorization for go for digital acquisition of new

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