Working on Viruses from Home owing to Coronavirus? Here’s a Handy Remote Forensics Tool, Bitscout

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Now with Bulk Extractor, Loki, and RegRipper

IT security specialists compelled to function from household in coming months owing to coronavirus (quite a few businesses are now mandating it) can get prepared to do some of their function on a new launch of an open resource software built for distant electronic forensics, termed Bitscout.

A customisable reside OS constructor software built to assist consumers build distant forensics bootable disk photographs, Bitscout was to start with open sourced by Russia’s Kaspersky Lab two a long time back but seems to have viewed limited traction.

In a clean press, Kasperky emphasised its free and entirely open resource nature: consumers are free to reverse-engineer and modify any portion of it.

Bitscout enables consumers like malware scientists, electronic forensics experts and incident responders to analyse electronic evidence. (Kaspersky Lab’s Vitaly Kamluk claims the software was born although he was functioning at

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