Global sugar consumption seen recovering in 2020/21: Rabobank

World sugar usage really should expand 1.nine per cent in the 2020/21 season (October-September) after a tumble of 1.five per cent in 2019/20 thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will partially offset an anticipated creation maximize, Rabobank said on Wednesday.

In its quarterly report on the global sugar market, the Dutch lender revised its check out for the sugar source balance in 2019/20 from a deficit of 4.three million tonnes to a deficit of 1 million tonnes, thanks to better creation in Brazil and decreased desire.

It sees the balance shifting to a compact surplus of 2,00,000 tonnes in 2020/21, as India is anticipated to maximize creation to 33.five million tonnes, up 16 per cent from 2019/20.

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Rabobank, which specialises in the agricultural sector, kept its check out for Brazil’s Centre-South output at 36.4 million tonnes, whilst projecting creation in Thailand

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