FT business books: July edition

‘Backstage Management: The Invisible Operate of Hugely Powerful Leaders’, by Charles Galunic

The late organisational theorist James March, who took place to train Charles Galunic at Stanford, applied to say that leadership was a sensitive mixture of “poetry and plumbing”.

Galunic’s book does not neglect the poetry. He writes properly about the obligation of leaders to established compelling visions for their teams and offer them even though in the glare of the general public spotlight. But his emphasis is on the prosaic plumbing and electrics. The “creating, protecting and integrating” of essential processes this sort of as building talent, crafting society, handling contradictions — “are the critical, albeit backstage, often invisible, work of organization leaders”.

This is not a book about how to tackle the distinct challenges of controlling out of a pandemic or by means of a recession — it was published in advance of lockdown. There is, nonetheless,

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