Death rate shows India’s coronavirus response a success, says PM Modi

India has succeeded in containing coronavirus cases and fatalities owing to people’s cooperation, Primary Minister Narendra Modi has reported, referring to a nationwide lockdown very first applied on March 24 for a few weeks.

“As towards the loss of life level of 350 people for every million in the US and around 600 for every million in European nations like the Uk, Italy and Spain, the level of fatalities in India is considerably less than twelve,” he reported.

“Uttar Pradesh has been remarkably prosperous in fighting towards the coronavirus. And same is the situation with various other states as nicely,” Modi reported in a speech to a virtual meeting of the American Affiliation of Doctors of Indian Origin (AAPI) on Saturday.

“Rural elements of the nation have largely remained untouched from this pandemic.” With no people’s cooperation, the results would not have been doable in the world’s second-highest populated nation.

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