U.K. Airline Flybe Closes Two Months After Rescue Deal

The U.K. airline Flybe abruptly ceased functions Thursday as the sector grapples with the impacts of the coronavirus.

“All Flybe flights are cancelled. Be sure to do not go to the airport as your Flybe flight will not be functioning,” the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority explained in a assertion.

The firm is the most significant domestic airline in the U.K. with a network that included additional than 50 percent domestic flights outdoors of London.

Airlines like Megabus and British Airways have supplied exclusive fares to travellers stranded at airports.

In February of 2019, Flybe was acquired by a consortium of investors produced up of Virgin Atlantic, Stobart Group, and Cyrus Cash. The group promised to make investments in the airline to stabilize its finances.

The U.K. Departments for Transportation, the Treasury, and the Section for Small business, Electricity, and Industrial System experienced been in discussions with the firm about the

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