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According to studies, a working adult spends 75% of his/her waking hours in the office. Most employees endure a working environment that is toxic and uncomfortable. Different factors contribute to this, but the office furniture has the biggest impact. 

Office furniture affects a worker’s work effectivity and efficiency. Here are five tips to make sure you choose the best office furniture to help boost productivity in your workplace.

Create a list of your office necessities.

Before you go shopping for office furniture, first create a list of all the necessities that your office needs. Include all the items that help you accomplish daily tasks, including the computer, printer, file storage, telephone, scanner, and many more.

While you are doing your list, you may brainstorm with your team about how you can make your tasks more productive. For example, business consultants and accountants might need more file storage for documents. Architects, interior, and graphic designers need larger tables to accommodate drawings and artworks.

Measurement is important.

Aside from your basic office needs, you also need to ensure that you have an accurate measurement of your office space. Unfortunately, this is one factor that is left out when choosing furniture. The error is only found out when the furniture is delivered. 

Aside from the wall measurements, also check the length and width of doors, hallways, staircases, and elevators. Your furniture must fit these walkways on the way to its proper placement.

Pick functional office furniture.

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Choosing a piece of office furniture does not only need to blend in with your office design. It needs to be functional, too. Functional office furniture can help office workers accomplish daily tasks. For example, pick an office desk that has enough drawers to fit all the files needed. Also, choose storage that will help you organize all your documents properly for easy filing and finding in the future.

Moreover, there are already innovative furniture designs such as a standing desk or reclining office chair. These new office furniture innovations are created to fit specific needs. Just make sure that if you choose to try one, it will help you ease your workload and not just to check the hype.

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Consider a furniture design that fits your company branding.

While functionality is a priority, choosing a furniture design that fits your brand and your office design also matters. Choose a color scheme that coincides with your company logo. 

Alternately, you may base your furniture choices on what your office design exudes. For example, if your office style modernism, choose steel or glass pieces. If you are into more of a traditional vibe, choose items made of wood.  Just remember to choose furniture that blends for a professional look.

Do not forget the storage.

Documentation is a vital part of office work. Because of this, proper storage is a must. However, take note that office storage does not need to be boring. There are now various options to choose from in the market. There are hanging bookcases, stylish filing cabinets, and built-in side storage desk tables. Just make sure to check the requirements of your office to be able to get the proper storage size. 

Takeaway Thought

Choosing the best office furniture needs time and effort. Aside from the tips mentioned above, you also need to consider the affordability of your furniture. Make sure that aside from its good looks and functionality, it is comfortable and more importantly, it fits your budget. 
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Post Author: Leeann Mauzy