Need a Quick Marketing Win? Try These 5 Freebies!

Marketing can be expensive. It can also be anywhere from difficult to downright scary. Still,

Marketing can be expensive. It can also be anywhere from difficult to downright scary. Still, good marketing is always worth it, because it’s always an investment. Still, just because it’s an investment doesn’t mean it has to be an expense. Here, we have listed not one, but five different free marketing wins that you can implement quickly so you can start seeing positive results in just days! And once you’ve implemented them, you’ll find it easier when advertising your next digital marketing jobs, all the marketing juniors will want to come and work for you.

Google My Business Is Your First Fast, Free Marketing Win:

This first fast win is a fantastic one, and it’s of course free. Google owns this listing platform for local businesses, and it’s the top platform of its kind.

When anyone is looking on Google, then it’s very likely that they’re looking for something based locally to them or at least within their region. This is why it’s so crucial that your own business is visible to them, especially if you are reliant on local business.

On the other hand, it’s one thing to be visible, but it’s quite another for your business to appear appealing and attractive to prospective customers. That’s why Google My Business matters. It lets you display information that is useful to others, like your contact details, what time you open and close, more about you, images and your specific location complete with a map.

Customers can also leave reviews right there on Google My Business which other prospects will then see. More than 8 in 10 consumers trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations, which means it’s crucial you ask customers to leave you good reviews, as it will influence the buying decisions of your prospects. Is Your Second Fast, Free Marketing Win:

This one is a great way to boost your website traffic using push notifications for both mobile and web! When a prospect clicks onto your website, they’ll get a pop-up near the top-left corner that asks them to either allow or block your notifications. If they decide to allow them, then you can feed them occasional content that re-engages them, encouraging them to come back and visit your website through the push notifications. This is a fast and simple way to communicate with website visitors you have already had so you don’t have to bombard them with lengthy emails.

Leadfeeder Is Your Third Fast, Free Marketing Win:

Another great tool is one that gives you insights specifically into who your prospective customers might be. Leadfeeder tracks the visitors to your website by using their IP addresses, telling you specifically which business visits your website, the pages they look at, how long they spend on those particular pages and how they found you.

Such information and data can prove very valuable since it directs you towards your warm leads, which are those ready to spend money. They’re the ones you need to be contacting for follow-ups since a typical website has 98% of its visitors leave the site without making some kind of contact.

MozBar Is Your Fourth Fast, Free Marketing Win: is something you might already know about, and MozBar is yet another free and fabulous tool which lets you view and compare the DA, or domain authority, of your company compared to your competition, and this can be crucial information to have.

Domain authority is a primary factor that determines how highly your website ranks on a search engine, be it Bing, Google, Yahoo, or others. It consists of more than three dozen ranking signals, some of which are things like how many links point back to your website and what quality they have. As such, the higher your website’s domain authority goes, the more likely it will be highly ranked on a good search engine. That just means it’s all the more likely that one of your prospects clicks on it.

Think With Google Is Your Fifth and Final Fast, Free Marketing Win:

This is something that checks out the speed of your website within minutes. It does this for both mobile and desktop users. Not only that, it will give you a detailed report about what you can do about it if the results aren’t to your liking.

Site speed is an essential element to influencing prospects in buying from you. If they are waiting a few seconds while your website loads, they’re increasingly likely to close things down right away and head to your competition. It’s crucial that you make your consumer experience as easy as you can, since this reflects on your offerings.