Learn 5 Big Reasons Why Educators Invest into Digital Marketing Courses

The online world has wound up creating a specific niche advertising area where it’s hard

The online world has wound up creating a specific niche advertising area where it’s hard to find expertise. Digital marketing means having a very unique skill set, and it’s one that can change quite a bit from one position to the next. The trend of companies hiring digital marketing experts is certainly rising, as 44% of businesses are hoping to hire more of them than they collectively did in the last two years.

1) Digital Marketing Fuels Professional Development

There’s a growing need and demand for digital talent. However, there’s also strong growth in hiring for digital marketing.

Just one year saw a 19% increase in demand for digital experts. This particular area of expertise is going to stay in a state of demand, considering that nearly half of digital marketing experts were hired into permanent positions.

In the United States alone, digital skills are driving the professional development market to a 2020 forecast of $8.5 billion USD. From event management keywords to mastery of online SEO, digital skills are highly necessary.

2) A Skillset in High Demand

Over half the surveyed companies with plans for hiring this year include digital marketing experts with the necessary skills. Such skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mobile
  • Content creation/curation
  • Lead generation
  • Social

Such skills aren’t unique to only digital marketing jobs. They also are spreading into traditional and conventional advertising positions.

This means it more important than ever before for those in the industry to look for training so they can stay valuable and relevant in this constantly changing job market.

3) The Skills Gap

The majority of skills necessary for conventional advertising and marketing roles have actually over-saturated the market. Such skills can range from analysis of research to product marketing.

The gap is very wide, with the supply at only 24%, but the demand and market for talent at nearly twice that number. In just the creative skillset, there is a 35% demand and only 27% supply.

The European Commission reports that digital use is up in 9 out of 10 workplaces over the last five years. This skills gap is getting even more prominent, as 38% of the workplaces in the market are finding a lack of available skills impacts their performance, leading to nearly half of productivity being lost.

Also, nearly 90% of workplaces concede that they have not done a thing to improve the skills gap inside their companies.

4) The Invasion of Smartphones

There’s no escaping it. Smartphones are now dominating the world, and they’re heavily used in every area of communication.

Statistical figures demonstrate the astounding use of smartphones around the world.

The United States has a quarter of a billion users. There are nearly 20 million users in Australia, and millions of users in the UAE, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

This same data indicates that there should more than 3 billion smartphone users around the world by 2020.

5) The Digital Invasion Ceases Not

As much as smartphones and other technologies are making communication grow around the world, there’s a digital invasion following suit. Digital is now the way to reach out to audiences.

Social media advertising is growing and won’t slow down anytime soon. That means digital marketing jobs are also necessary to keep up with it. Three billion people around the world use social media each month, and there are 1 million new daily users on top platforms.

The numbers are quite telling:

  • The total number of Internet users is up 7% from last year.
  • Social media users are growing twice as fast as that.
  • Mobile phone users are up 4% from one year to the next.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing experience is in demand, and that’s just going to keep growing. This leaves quite a bit of fertile ground for those looking to teach in educational institutions or through training providers.

Given how much the workforce and professionals are missing the mark in terms of skills that constitute digital marketing success, there is a growing demand for digital marketing courses, and that’s definitely worth the investment of educators.