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Do the 4Ps Still Hold Importance?

Has the arrival of customer-centricity replaced them? In what way has digital managed to change the sales and marketing funnel?

The 4Ps model, which includes place, promotion, price, and product, has been the primary marketing strategy for the main part of the 20th Century. This model made the most sense for the marketers that were once mainly tasked with making sure they reached targeted audiences which were free from any type of direct communication channel, nor the types which afforded feedback that was meaningful. Television, radio and print media were once the main marketing-channel groups, whereby the 20th-century consumers would find out about services, products, trends, events, and news.

The Arrival of Customer-Centricity

In the year 1990, Bob Lauterborn published an article in the Advertising Age, where he stated that the 4Ps were dead and that the modern marketers should be addressing actual issues.

He was spot on. The developed … Read More

The Fastest Ways to Get Visitors to Your Website

Usually, search engine optimisation methods take a while to go into effect. However, there are several easy and fast ways to attract visitors to your website, and in this article, I will be sharing some ideas.

The first thing you need to do is create your website in the right format. I am referring to:

Having a mobile-friendly site

More people in the world these days own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. How incredible is that? According to an Ofcom report from 2018, 73 of mobile phone users in the UK ue their phones to access the internet for over 3 hours per day. They have definitely become the new “digital companion” of today.

IN this same Ofcom report, it was shown that 27% of all mobile phone activity involves browsing while 24% is online shopping.

So if your website is mobile responsive, then that’s great news for you.… Read More

The Importance of Floor Plans

House blueprint layout planBuyers really enjoy floor plans and they help the listings to stand out. They also increase more enquiries, which converts into more viewings. Floor plans can also assist with selling properties a lot faster. But many estate agents seem to think they are not necessary. Why?

In a survey conducted recently among property sellers, 80% of these sellers stated that floor plans were either useful or essential when selling. An astounding 88% agreed in association with buying properties.

It is true that floor plans are not technically a necessity when it comes to selling properties, yet at the same time neither are property descriptions or photos. Yet how many listings have you seen without these elements? Floor plans are definitely attention-grabbing, helping to simplify the decision-making of the buyers. There are as equally important as good quality photos and great descriptions. Here are 3 good reasons why:

1. Floor plans

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Today Instagram is actually the most popular social media tool

Image result for Today Instagram is actually the most popular social media tool

Today Instagram is actually the most popular social media tool. It assists you in connecting with other social media channels and is extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals. Having quite a huge number of followers on IG account imparts you a platform to inspire transformation. Today the hashtags start with celebrity name and actually goes viral on social media. This serves as a general rule created by this social media channel for reaching out to a large number of audiences. Having a good number of follower base helps businesses to generate greater traffic to the IG account. This attracts greater number of users to the account and eventually boosts your sales.   

Buy Instagram followers UK helps to reach potential audience

Gaining a good number of followers undeniably spread awareness about the brand and helps businesses to reach potential consumers.  However, achieving desirable Followers number is not a piece of cake … Read More

Factors to Consider for a Server Room Plan

The server room goes by many names. Some of the commonly used phrases include network room, data room, telecommunications room, and recently, the telecommunications spare. This is where all internal equipment and connectivity to the outside world happen. All cables connecting telephones, printers, servers, PCS, security, wireless, and safety equipment come together in this room. That said, a lot of preparation and planning is required to design a functional server room. A well-planned server room should provide:

1. Dedicated space for data and voice equipment
2. Enough space for completing moves, adds, changes, as well as troubleshooting
3. Temperature and space to support the efficient running of all equipment through its lifetime
4. Scalability and adaptation for future growth and other requirements
5. An extra layer of security for ‘mission-critical’ equipment

The location and size of the server room are depended on the number of floors, building size, and … Read More