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BP Extends its “Energy for Cloud” Deal to Microsoft

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“The days of just getting a buyer and a seller are changing”

Supermajor bp has introduced an vitality-for-cloud products and services design and style deal — 1st inked with AWS in 2019 — to Microsoft as very well, agreeing the “continued use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud-centered ‎solution for bp infrastructure and bp giving renewable vitality to support Microsoft meet its 2025 ‎renewable vitality goals”.

The deal, in limited, entails a commercial trade-off: bp furnishes Azure’s vitality-hungry facts centres with renewables from its generation portfolio Microsoft supplies heavily discounted cloud-centered apps. (Computer system Company Overview is however not able to convey our visitors the commercial fine print…)

bp announced a very similar settlement with AWS in December 2019 as part of a big cloud migration that will see 900+ apps — which includes true-time oil and gasoline buying and selling apps, SAP methods for a significant

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