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Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils new wage subsidy to save jobs

Mike Cherry, chair of the Federation of Smaller Businesses, called it a “swift and important intervention” but warned companies “are going through a amazingly difficult winter”.

“Today’s help package deal is the flipside of the coin to Tuesday’s Covid-19 enterprise limits,” he said.

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, head of the Confederation of British Business, said the intervention would help save “hundreds of thousands of practical careers this winter.”

“It is ideal to concentrate on aid on careers with a long run, but can only be aspect-time whilst demand from customers stays flat.”

On the other hand, economists warned the help will only cushion the blow the financial state faces from a next wave.

Ruth Gregory, economist at Capital Economics, said: “These steps will not eradicate the strike fully. That is why we think GDP will stagnate in the past 3 months of the year.”

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