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Five Best Practices for Today’s Stay-at-Home Workforce

Addressing the demands of a mobile, digital, and remain-at-residence workforce is not a new matter. Hiring the finest talent — regardless of whether or not or not they reside in proximity to firm amenities — is a aggressive truth for several organizations. But the global coronavirus outbreak has quickly amplified interest in this pattern at organizations massive and tiny around the environment.

High expenditures of living and impossible commutes have induced several companies to spend in technological know-how that permits employees to converse and collaborate with teammates, associates, and clients, wherever they are. Collaboration and conferencing technologies these types of as WebEx and Skype for Organization are all well-established tools to prevail over the restrictions of e-mail and phone calls to get the work carried out. These collaboration platforms are now joined by the explosive adoption of Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Groups, Uber Meeting, and some others.

Lots of companies, for

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