A Beast of a bodyguard to keep US President safe during his India visit

Donald Trump is arriving in India on February 24 – and he’s bringing The Beast

Donald Trump is arriving in India on February 24 – and he’s bringing The Beast with him. The limousine value $one.56 million was offered to the US President in 2018, replacing the prior Cadillac One particular, utilized by Barack Obama. Curiously, for most environment leaders, the limousine is an important ingredient of a grand entry. Even though Queen Elizabeth II travels in her Bentleys, Japan’s Emperor prefers a Toyota Century. For German Chancellor Angela Merkel it is acquired to be armoured Mercedes-Benz and Audi limos, although a Hongqi L5 is effective fine with Chinese Leading Xi Jinping and an Aurus Senat goes well with Russia President Vladimir Putin. About the yrs, US presidents have been faithful to Typical Motors’ Cadillac. From Ronald Reagan to Obama, and now Trump, the car or truck of option has been a Cadillac limo. This is all you will need to know about Donald Trump’s monster car or truck ‘The Beast’ Make: Cadillac Category: Armoured Limousine The Beast (Photograph: Wikipedia Commons) A transient record of US Presidents’ cars and trucks and ‘The Beast’ William Taft was the initially president to swap from horse-drawn carriages to horsepower in 1909. The US Congress purchased three cars and trucks — a Pierce-Arrow, a Baker electric and a steam-powered Model M from The White Motor Enterprise. Franklin D Roosevelt had many non-public cars and trucks and was the initially to have a car or truck made specifically for him. John F Kennedy’s Lincoln Continental Convertible was greatly admired right up until he was assassinated although riding in it. President Herbert Hoover released the initially Cadillac. George W Bush’s car or truck was nicknamed “The Beast”, a nomenclature that persisted via the presidency of Barack Obama and now Trump. When did Trump’s ‘The Beast’ debut? Trump’s presidential car or truck made initially operate on September 2018. Prior to the most current design, President Obama rode close to in his ‘Beast’, released on January 20, 2009. The Beast options The most current design of The Beast arrives with a satellite cellular phone, puncture-resistant tyres, tear gas cannons, bullet-evidence windows and pump-action shotguns. It was commissioned by the Magic formula Services in 2014 and weighs close to 20,000 pounds. Safety options The Magic formula Services is very careful not to expose too quite a few options of the car or truck for stability motives. Even so, according to reviews, the car or truck has been made to support the President endure virtually every single achievable kind of assault from a terrorist or assassin.

If he gets hurt, the car or truck has an in depth array of clinical supplies on board, including a fridge total of Trump’s very own blood variety. Reportedly, The Beast combines a selection of different technologies, beginning out with a closely modified system from a Chevrolet Kodiak (large-duty GM truck).