Month: December 2020

Card payment refund scheme aims to wean tax-dodging Italians off cash

Millions of Italians have signed up for a federal government scheme featuring a 10pc refund for card payments in outlets in just two months in an endeavor by Rome to lower tax evasion and raise suppliers hit by coronavirus restrictions.

The roaring begin to the scheme, which calls for downloading an app followed by a prolonged registration procedure, will come in stark contrast to Italians’ lukewarm response to the less complicated Immuni app launched in June to trace Covid bacterial infections.

The so-named “cashback” program will formally kick off up coming month but the pilot programme from Dec 8 to the conclude of the conclude, which enables cost savings of up to €150, has currently attracted a tenth of the adult population.

“Over 5m subscriptions is no tiny feat,” mentioned Leonzio Rizzo, a professor of general public finance at the University of Ferrara, told Reuters.

Primary Minister Giuseppe Conte’s federal

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