Day: October 2, 2020

DOJ charges 86 defendants with $4.5 billion in telehealth fraud

The Department of Justice on Wednesday billed 345 persons, such as medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare pros, across 51 federal districts in what the agency is calling the biggest healthcare fraud takedown in history. 

The rates are in connection to situations accounting for extra than $6 billion in losses, such as extra than $four.5 billion related to telehealth.

According to courtroom paperwork, 86 defendant telehealth executives allegedly compensated medical doctors and nurse practitioners to get avoidable tough healthcare machines, genetic and other diagnostic testing, and pain remedies, possibly devoid of any individual interaction or with only a quick cellphone conversation with individuals they had under no circumstances satisfied or found.  

Durable healthcare machines firms, genetic testing laboratories, and pharmacies then obtained those orders in trade for unlawful kickbacks and bribes and submitted fake and fraudulent statements to Medicare and other government insurers.  

In addition to the criminal rates, the

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