Month: August 2020

Bringing crisis management ideas to the oldest US business school

Erika James realized that her efficiency as a leader would be scrutinised when she was appointed dean of the Wharton School in February. She is the to start with feminine head of oldest enterprise college in the US, launched at the University of Pennsylvania in 1881. She is also its to start with African-American dean.

By the time she took up the article in July, nonetheless, the enterprise education and learning planet faced two new problems — the financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and a aim on racial justice next the Black Life Make a difference protests.

When we speak about online video soon soon after her formal commence at Wharton, Ms James is incredibly upbeat. “Actually, it has felt — and I really don’t want this to be misinterpreted — invigorating,” she claims about her to start with handful of days in the career.

As she details out,

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