Day: May 10, 2020

The new AI tools spreading fake news in politics and business

When Camille François, a longstanding qualified on disinformation, sent an email to her group late past year, numerous have been perplexed.

Her concept commenced by raising some seemingly valid concerns: that on the internet disinformation — the deliberate spreading of untrue narratives normally built to sow mayhem — “could get out of control and grow to be a substantial menace to democratic norms”. But the text from the main innovation officer at social media intelligence team Graphika quickly turned relatively extra wacky. Disinformation, it go through, is the “grey goo of the internet”, a reference to a nightmarish, conclude-of-the world situation in molecular nanotechnology. The remedy the email proposed was to make a “holographic holographic hologram”.

The weird email was not truly penned by François, but by computer code she experienced made the concept ­— from her basement — applying text-generating synthetic intelligence technological innovation. While the email in full

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