Day: March 11, 2020

No Operational TSO Systems Hit

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“Solving grid cybersecurity issues is actually complex rocket science”

The organisation accountable for overseeing the functions of Europe’s significant voltage electric power infrastructure has been hacked.

ENTSO-E, fashioned in 2008, represents 42 Transmission Program Operators (TSOs) across 35 member states.

TSOs run high voltage electric power networks, providing grid access to consumers such as generators and distributors.

They are central to trying to keep the lights on across Europe, and regulatory interest has ever more focussed on their cybersecurity.

The organisation stated tersely on March nine that it experienced “recently identified proof of a thriving cyber intrusion into its place of work community.”

ENTSO-E’s part features “coordinating measures for protection of important infrastructure” and “developing and preserving interaction infrastructure” such as a serious-time info trade interaction community.

ENTSO-E’s own Secretary General Laurent Schmitt in January noted that “solving grid cybersecurity issues is actually complex rocket science requiring

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