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Margin Finance

Probably the most widespread issues that restaurant owners do to extend restaurant business … Read More

Factors to Consider for a Server Room Plan

The server room goes by many names. Some of the commonly used phrases include network room, data room, telecommunications room, and recently, the telecommunications spare. This is where all internal equipment and connectivity to the outside world happen. All cables connecting telephones, printers, servers, PCS, security, wireless, and safety equipment come together in this room. That said, a lot of preparation and planning is required to design a functional server room. A well-planned server room should provide:

1. Dedicated space for data and voice equipment
2. Enough space for completing moves, adds, changes, as well as troubleshooting
3. Temperature and space to support the efficient running of all equipment through its lifetime
4. Scalability and adaptation for future growth and other requirements
5. An extra layer of security for ‘mission-critical’ equipment

The location and size of the server room are depended on the number of floors, building size, and … Read More

Year One Under the GDPR

Now that the GDPR has been in force for a year, the importance of personal data is becoming clearer to many people. Awareness of individuals’ data rights, the laws regarding them, and the regulator’s role in enforcing the law are all growing. We conducted research and found a significant increase in the number of people expressing high trust/confidence in the way their personal information was being handled by companies and other organisations. In July of 2018, that figure stood at 34 per cent; a year before, the figure was just 21 per cent. The ICO also conducted a survey of DPOs in March, and roughly two thirds (64 per cent) agreed that more customers and users had exercised their information rights since the GDPR’s adoption. (Note: all percentage figures above have been rounded to the nearest whole number.)

The ICO’s Your Data Matters Campaign has helped to spread awareness … Read More

Need a Quick Marketing Win? Try These 5 Freebies!

Marketing can be expensive. It can also be anywhere from difficult to downright scary. Still, good marketing is always worth it, because it’s always an investment. Still, just because it’s an investment doesn’t mean it has to be an expense. Here, we have listed not one, but five different free marketing wins that you can implement quickly so you can start seeing positive results in just days! And once you’ve implemented them, you’ll find it easier when advertising your next digital marketing jobs, all the marketing juniors will want to come and work for you.

Google My Business Is Your First Fast, Free Marketing Win:

This first fast win is a fantastic one, and it’s of course free. Google owns this listing platform for local businesses, and it’s the top platform of its kind.

When anyone is looking on Google, then it’s very likely that they’re looking for … Read More

How to Throw the Perfect Party

I had hoped at my age I would be capable of pulling off an impressive party like a pro. But, actually I am not the type that can consistently throw Great Gatsby parties without stress, meltdowns and a great feeling of relief when the affair is finally concluded.

So, I have decided to include Vanessa from Cambridgeshire based Rocks and Frocks as my deus ex machina. Here she will share some of her top-notch tips and tricks on throwing an absolutely amazing party that people will be talking about forever.

Top Party Secrets from Rocks and Frocks

1. Have a Budget Plan well in Advance

The size of the budget is not so important, it is the amount of time you give yourself that will decide how much you can actually accomplish. It will be no easy task to plan a large party when your budget will barely cover a … Read More