Disadvantages of Mobile Trading Terminals

MetaTrader 4 has become a platform, universal for the organization of brokerage companies, as it did not require any additional software. The development environment of MQL IV included not only the programming language itself, but also the personal module – MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal, the compiler, and editor of expert advisors – MetaEditor, a module that allows you to test and optimize Expert Advisors – Strategy Tester. Five years later, MetaQuotes Software Corp. additionally extended the functionality of the previous version, releasing MetaTrader 5, working on which you can go to stock exchanges, perform fundamental analysis, etc. Traditionally, the development environment was upgraded to MQL V version, in which the trading strategies/robots generator MQL5 Wizard and MQL5 Market appeared to buy or download free ready bots, indicators, and scripts. In short, the MetaTrader 5 information and trading platform has become fully consistent with the concept of All-in-One.

Reasons For The Popularity Of The Metatrader Terminal

There are significant discussions on the forms between users of various trading terminals, where the user’s sincere support for the MetaTrader platform is clearly visible – any sane person is able to distinguish between stupid marketing customized reviews from those written based on the current emotional state. The popularity of the MetaTrader platform consists of several components, namely:

– Quality and self-sufficiency of the software, which does not require the procurement of any additional programs for the organization of brokerage companies;

– High performance, stability and security embedded in the distributed structure of the information and trading platform;

– Reasonable prices and a continuous decrease in the cost of ownership;

– Flexible system settings and the ability to brand the interface for themselves.

Reviews About MetaTrader

Nevertheless, reviews on the Internet about the products of MetaQuotes Software Corp. are ambiguous, though mostly positive. In general, the discussions are not so much about comparing MetaTrader with other trading platforms and client terminals as there are about differences between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. All that indicates to a high degree of respect and confidence in Metatrader as a whole. As always happens with the release of new versions of software, the adherents of the previous ones begin to attack the innovations, and the same happens with MetaTrader.

For example, there are complaints that the new version does not offer the option of interchangeable orders (OSO), or that the proven robot experts (trading strategies) created for MetaTrader 4 are not suitable for MetaTrader 5, and for the latter, there are very few. Criticism also concerns the cancellation of locks and summation of positions, but it is mainly related to the formed habit and the difficulty of restructuring thinking. However, some consider this to be correct, since locks are often misleading, creating illusions about limiting losses, which can then be minimized by two or three successful operations.

If to sum up, there are some comments about the “dampness” of certain functions and imperfections of the platform. But it’s a normal situation when discussing any novelty.

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